It’s time for a new type of PBM

Pentus Health is creating a new path for Healthcare

About Pentus Health

Pentus Health is transforming PBM by achieving better outcomes for patients and clients because our organization is built with caring people, superior clinical expertise, innovative technology, and actionable business analytics, all focused around our client’s needs with full transparency.

Our Company

Our ownership structure makes it possible for us to remain absolutely committed to the health of the people we serve.

Our Culture

What we do matter. We help people get the medicine they need. And we don’t lose sight of that.


Our Business

Transformative Pass-Through Approach
We pass 100% of all discounts we receive directly back to you. All of our revenue is based on a set admin fee.

Transformation of Health Care

Starts with total drug management. Specialty treatments can be expensive. And it gets complicated when the cost is divided across the benefit. That’s why total drug management is so important.

Why Choose Pentus Health?

Pentus Health was built on a core of transparency. No other PBM gives health plans the level of commitment and transparency that we offer — commitment that will help you grow your business. Our methods are based on three critical points: Information, collaboration, and trust.

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Manage Your Health

As a Pentus Health member, it is easy to fill your prescriptions at one of the pharmacies in our extensive network. A list of network pharmacies is available in our secure Navi-Gate for Members portal.

We are here to answer your questions to make sure your prescription benefit program works for you.

Member Portal

Visit the member portal for all your needs, including all Prior Authorization information